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Dual Pack Day & Night WideEyez — Only $59.95!



Bike Helmet Shields

Wide-Eyez is a first-of-its-kind HELMET SHIELD for cyclists that expands your field of vision while deflecting glare and precipitation.

Using a straightforward yet ingenius design, the Wide-Eyez helmet visor easily attachs to just about any bike helmet. It creates a robust visual buffer between bicycle riders and the elements, increasing your riding comfort and peripheral vision. Wide-Eyez is especially effective in taming conditions like wind, rain and intense  sun. Wide-Eyez can be worn with or without glasses, day or night, and comes in clear and tinted finishes.

The Wide-Eyez effect? Better, faster, safer cycling in any kind of weather.

Wide-Eyez was created by Colorado cyclists who go long and hard year-round . . . for fun, fitness and to get places. The Wide-Eyez helmet shield has so enhanced our riding experience, we are sharing it with the world! Made in Colorado-USA, Wide-Eyez is evolved cycling technology that enhances your riding experience each and every time you go!