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Northwest Recumbent Bikes — WideEyez Retailer

Nov 13, 2014


The newest WideEyez dealer comes out of Post Falls, Idaho.  Northwest Recumbent Cycles! If you specialize in recumbent bikes you certainly have customers who ride bikes for various reasons that sometimes might be quite different than other bike riding categories.

As a former recumbent dealer and long time rider myself, you find people which seek more comfort, might have a back issue, and appreciate all the advantages in which a recumbent rider has. The one thing I have noticed from recumbent riders, they don’t seem to be in as much of a hurry! There are several different types of recumbent bikes, but typically they are used for commuting and adventure or longer distance trips. A recumbent rider often seeks out the latest bike equipment, which allows one to have a sleeker look and become more of one with their bikes. I always had my recumbent equipped with a fairing, which cuts wind and makes a ride more efficient with less frontal drag. So the attraction is obvious for recumbent riders to like WideEyez. It is a face fairing, yet designed more for weather, debris and the seasonal nose diving insects!

Having a chance to wear WideEyez while on a recumbent provides for additional protection because of increased road debris being closer to the ground.

Enjoy your next roll!


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