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Bike Helmet: Hard Helmet vs. Hard Head

Jan 23, 2015

Screen_Shot_2015-01-23_at_4.30.42_PM.pngThe bicycle helmet always has friends and foe. It has been solidly available for 30 years and is very controversial for some. The arguments never stop for and against wearing a bike helmet so many people just weigh in on each and every trip.

Here are some of the reasons out there for those who wear one:

Safety-well maybe there is only one main reason.

For those who don’t like or wear a bike helmet:

  • It might mess up my hair
  • I don’t like how it looks on me
  • It is too hot
  • It is something I need to keep track of
  • None of my friends wear one
  • The list actually goes on and on . . . . . .

There are those Bike advocacy groups who will tell you that not requiring bike helmets increases the chances that people will take up biking as an exercise or perhaps even become a bike commuter. They tend to tell people that just getting on a bike is better then stopping short of getting on a bike because somebody is requiring one to wear a bike helmet.

In Europe, they look at the bike helmet even more critically. They often believe and act like the cyclist in front of them or like a Lemming. I guess the thinking is that if the person in front of me is doing well and navigating the streets without a bike helmet then I will too. Nobody even expects one pot hole, one swerving car, one distracted cyclist, street debris, small kid running out in front etc. In other words, there is no thought whatsoever for wearing a bike helmet for many euro-cyclists. They don’t fret or have any bad karma around cycling so of course nothing will ever go wrong.

I ride with a helmet every time out. My thinking is preparation. If there is a problem or a dangerous situation that involves me on my bike, I at least am giving myself a decent chance of getting thru it by wearing a bike helmet. I love having the appropriate equipment, so when I go out now, having a bike visor or bike helmet shield to attach to my bike helmet provides me additional safety. I treat the vision part of my equipment with equal eager. Being prepared for bright sun, rain or a strong wind is critical if you ride year round. Surprises happen. Perhaps a bike helmet shield will provide a bit more style to those who feel they are quite the geeky looking one in their neon green helmet that is improperly adjusted and exposes the forehead.

I was out just yesterday, and I wiped out on my icy alley. I knew the streets were dry, but I had to get to them before I felt comfortable. So slipping and falling and hitting my helmet on the ground was the surprise of the day! I didn’t expect to wipe out, but I did, and I was prepared!

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