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Bike Helmet Visor Deflects Rain

Jan 16, 2015


There finally is a Super-Duper rain shield or visor which makes commuting during the winter months much more enjoyable! If you ride your bicycle year round you most likely have experienced many options with your eyewear.

Many cyclists who wear glasses deal with obscured vision due to fog, rain, sleet, snow and wind. These conditions pose a very real and regular problem. With WideEyez, you can simply attach these to any bike helmet and you instantly realize you have solved your issues around precipitation and wind. WideEyez, fit right over your glasses/sunglasses so you can maximize the visuals you require in order to be safe at all times.

If you ride year round, you know what it takes to be safely equipped for all weather conditions. Bicycle commuters don’t want to be exposed to elements they are not prepared for. By wearing WideEyez, you can enhance every bit of your day on a bike and be safer for some of the harsh conditions we gracefully try to get thru everyday!

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