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Bike Helmets: Form vs. Function

Feb 23, 2015


Many people who ride their bike on a regular basis or daily to get around tend to fall into a couple categories. Do they focus on form or is it a function that gains most of their pre-thinking in preparation to getting on the bike.

If you are into the “LOOK” or want to make sure a bike ride is not going to make you look weird, tired, geeky, sweaty or otherwise you might focus on the short trip with no helmet, shades, jacket, gloves etc. You might be more interested in your clothes, hair, makeup, etc.

If you are into the “Function” as the focus of your trip it may be important for you to have the right layers on, have your helmet on with prescription glasses or shades or better yet a bike helmet visor at the ready. Have you checked your ABC’s air, brake and chain? You are ready for the weather being snowy, windy, rainy or sunny.

For the two camps of bike riders –one offers a little more spontaneity while the other with some or more pre thought going into most rides. Bike riders are creatures of habits, but also like to be off the radar and operating their bikes for their pure convenience. Most people who ride daily or regularly point to being in better shape, save money, feel better, more relaxing, better parking and of course pure convenience!

Whatever type of rider you are, you and your community win every time you ride! 


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