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Glasses: They are a huge part of your biking experience!

Feb 09, 2015



If you wear prescription glasses and bike at the same time, this blog post is dedicated to you! You deserve a chance to ride in comfort regardless of your biking type you enjoy. So many issues can come up and determine what makes for the right situation for you.

Cyclists who cannot wear contact lenses are forced to go out in the elements (sun, wind, rain, snow etc). Some of these conditions can make life miserable without proper anticipation of what it might be like now and later on your bike ride.

Yes, some people stay in their non-tinted prescription glasses all the time (I see people wearing glasses on bright sunny days squinting a lot) perhaps because they want to, but more likely may have: forgotten their tinted prescription glasses, are anticipating making a change, it doesn’t bother them or they might be too lazy to bother changing. It could be a whole host of other reasons as well!

Since www.WideEyez.com were introduced in 2014, many of our customers want a protective visor or shield to fit right over their prescription glasses! They have given a host of reasons:

WideEyez has allowed me to continue to ride my bike, with my glasses on, without the rain or snow splattering my glasses.

They fit right over my glasses and my eyes stay perfectly dry and comfortable.

If they protect you from even one nasty experience, be it a bug or a small rock, they are well worth the time and expense.

My biking club has gotten caught in heavy downpours a couple of times and I've fared better than by buddies who don't have a WideEyez.

 Wide-Eyez solves all my bike riding vision issues.

There is a lot to be gained without the usual change out of prescription glasses to a tinted version. Those who wear prescription glasses no longer need to suffer in weather that requires a little bit more attention!

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