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Bike Helmet Shield



Total protection without tint


Choose WIDE-EYEZ CLEAR for nightime rides or non-sunny days. Great protection from adverse weather and bugs, with awesome aerodynamics. Wear WIDE-EYEZ CLEAR with your regular sunglasses or prescription glasses.
*Strong acrylic construction. Designed and made in Colorado-USA.*
Package includes everything you need to assemble your bike helmet shield: nose piece, duel lock, pivot brackets, washers and screws.

What size is right for me?


LOOKING FOR ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS? Look no further than our Home Page. We made a helmet face shield assembly video just for you.
WE CARE ABOUT THE EARTH. Wide-Eyez encourages recycling and resource preservation. Our shipping boxes are recyclable, and our interior stuff bags are made of compostable plant material.
WE WON’T KISS AND TELL. Wide-Eyez never, ever shares customer information.
AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR ATTORNEY. If you experience a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, Wide-Eyez warrants your bike helmet shield for 6 months after purchase, and we will repair or replace the product at no charge. Wide-Eyez has sole discretion to determine manufacturer's defects. Wide-Eyez only authorizes the warranty claim if the product was purchased from an authorized dealer. The warranty program does not cover product that is lost, stolen, dropped, shattered, sat on, chewed by your pet, used in any manner other than as a bike helmet shield, or any other damage that is caused by the consumer. Limitation on Damages: For breach of any written or implied warranty on this product, the consumer is limited to damages of repair of the product or replacement with an identical or equivalent style, at the election of Wide-Eyez. Wide-Eyez is NOT liable for any other damages, such as special, incidental, or consequential damages, resulting from the use of this product, including personal injury. This warranty extends to residents of the United States only.