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My brother Tom gave me a set for xmas - so far I really like them. No fogging, no forgetting and easy to install.  I have a Bell and it's a little narrower/more pointed than I think these were designed for, the nubbins for up position just barely catch the holes in the lens but it stays up, no problem.  It is out a ways, so I eschewed the nose guard as there's no way my nose is going to be in there - maybe a version w/ no nose cutout would be good. Tom has the skateboarder style which is rounder and his fits like a charm and comes down to his nose even.  This picture was taken after about 40 minutes home from work at about 3 degrees - normally I'd have a pair of goggles. If it gets below zero, I'll add a neoprene face mask, that's the one that really fogs things up, so I'm hopeful this will improve that - so far no fogging!  We're both thinking about a bit of wind break across the top edge, to see if it helps w/ the warmth but it's not really so cold yet so ...

Anyway, great idea, great product. Our local "bikies" list has an on-going search for fogless goggles, I'm posting something like this to that, too.


Andy from Wisconsin


Peggy ordered the box for me and I am sending you a couple of pictures using your wonderful product. Like the way it fits and functions, good shade for glass wearer.






Here is a photo of this morning going around Lake Calhoun by bike, -8 degrees, windchill a fair bit lower, with downtown in the background.  Thanks for the quick shipment.  They seem to work great.  I had to mount the visor tight against the helmet front, otherwise the pivot points would be too far forward and there would be no place on this helmet to stick them.  So, I can't rotate it up, but I don't care, I leave it down all the time; it's easy enough to unscrew if I need to.

Jon, from Minneapolis


Dear Graham, from Ireland!

The picture is of me is with a friend called Helen on a recent cycle in Kenmare County Kerry Ireland which shows the wide Eyez. 

As winter is approaching and I have bought a new helmet. I would like to fit the wide Eyez to the new helmet which is warmer for winter. Please can you let me know what I owe you for the new fittings to the new helmet and I will send you the money. Another rubber nose fitting is also required but other than that Wide Eyez works extremely well and I have been really very comfortable wearing the clear visor for well over 2000 km now.

Many thanks for contacting me as I am very happy with my Wide Eyez.


Kind regards

Erskine Mamie's Cottage,

Ardkilly, Sandycove, Kinsale, County Cork




The WideEyez worked very well for me.  My eyes water very easily and I have trouble with sunglasses.  The shield was the answer. Also, it was great preventing dust and small particles getting into my eyes.  Yes, I would highly recommend WideEyez.

Bloomington, MN



First ride with my new WideEyez this morning.

Set off in the dark around six o'clock and got home a few hours later in daylight - they worked as well in the dark as in daylight.

Wearing my regular prescription glasses and WideEyez, I could: see how fast I was going, check the time, read roadsigns, use my iPhone........ without having to swap my cycling wrap-arounds - something I have not been able to do for quite a few years.

It was six degrees Centigrade, with quite a strong west wind and my eyes were comfortable.

Peter - UK Cyclist




My Wide-Eyez bike helmet shield arrived today and I quickly attached it and took a spin around town. It was a warm night and the bike trails were loaded with bugs and then a burst of rain came. The shield kept the bugs and the rain out of my face. No need for sunglasses either; the shield does it all. An awesome bicycle accessory! Thanks so much.

Michael Dews




I found the shield useful, specially because you don’t have to look after your glasses. I would really recommend the Wide Eyez for shorter commutes on rainy and windy days. For other occasions, like mountain biking or longer rides I still prefer the flexibility of my ordinary glasses. Sometimes the « shield effect » can seem to be too much, like to be sitting in a car, and that’s not what I’m looking for when riding a bike ;-)



Visit http://bikinvalais.ch/f/2015/04/test-une-visiere-plutot-que-des-lunettes/ to see Joakim's full review in French:)






I have ridden 180 miles so far this month.  My Wideeyez visor stays attached on all my rides.  I ride a Catrike (recumbent tadpole trike) and love my Wideeyez.  I wear contacts and use clear safety glasses under the Wideeyez bronze visor.  That way I have sun protection and in shady spots, if needed, I can lift the visor easily to see road hazards.  It works great.  Its a lot easier than trying to lift sunglasses to see.  At age 64 my eyes do not adjust to the shady spots as fast as they used to.  Thanks for a great product.

Texarkana, TX




The installation is simple and since I started using Wide Eyez I have a better range of vision and don't have to stop to clean the bugs off my glasses. On a ride last week a truck kicked up a stone and it bounced off the shield, wow if I wasn't wearing the Wide Eyez it would have cut me up pretty good.   

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Capt. Stoney
Fair Winds and Calm Seas




After having ridden four rides with my WideEyez, I can’t imagine riding without them.  I’m still experimenting with different combinations.  in bright sunlight my brown Oakleys with the dark WideEyez, I like it pretty dark.  Filtered sunlight just the dark WideEyez.  Of course late evening/dark the clear WideEyez.  I like the flexibility.

I have had my WideEyez out for a couple of spins and then the weather turned nasty and I caught the flu.
Luckily I had a beautiful day with plenty of wind (it’s always windy around here), the perfect day to try my WideEyez. To be honest I was very excited about WideEyez but at the same time I wanted to give them a fair evaluation. I am a contact lens wearer, and as I stated above it’s very windy in my part of the country. At first I didn’t think they were making a difference, so I rode with my WideEyez in the up position, not for very long. They made a huge difference, they blocked the wind, just like I had hoped they would. Another benefit I hadn’t thought about, when a truck or car passed me I get a big gust of air making my eyes water and nearly knocking out my contact lenses. I was able to keep my eyes open with no problems when being passed by a vehicle.  

My second ride was more low key but it was colder and my WideEyez kept the cold wind off my eyes, no eye watering on the cold ride.

I love my WideEyez, they lived up to my expectations.

Bob N.




This remarkable visor has all the features a bike commuter wants. After twenty-five years of in-city Boulder commuting, I finally have protection from sun, wind, bugs, and road debris without wearing glasses. The handy
flip-up design (just as I used when commuting by motorcycle decades ago) means I can safely move in and out of bright sunlight and deep shade without blind spots or fumbling with glasses. Just as important, the design is sleek. Why did it take so long to combine safety and style in eye protection?

John LeClair
Boulder, CO 





I was glad for the shield when I hit bee at about 25 on the way back in – lots of hives our for pollinating the local orchards in the spring and this is common.  The dents in my forehead generally heal in a day or two.

Karl M.

Davis, CA





Hi Graham,

The two WideEyez visors we bought from you got here in Hong Kong just over a week ago. My wife and I have been using them since and we are happy with them. Following the WideEyez video instruction I fitted the visors to the helmets without much fuzz. I did have to make a minor adjustment to mine to make room for my slightly angular sunglasses. That’s not a big problem. I carefully snapped the self-adhesive pads of the Velcro off the helmet and repositioned them one side at a time. When I have the fit corrected, I marked the positons and snapped the Velcro off again and applied a bit of Epoxy at the wearing-off adhesive pads to make sure of a firmer fix when the pads are re-attached. I didn’t have to do this for my wife’s because I got a perfect fit for her the first time.  That’s also because her helmet has wider plastic surfaces on the sides and can take the self-adhesive pads flat on.
My wife and I ride a tandem for pleasure (and to dinner in another district or town sometimes) three to four times a week, averaging about 20 miles each evening during the week and a few miles more during the weekend. We live in a village north of Taipo a mile or so from a couple of bicycle lanes in the New Territories in Hong Kong. One of the lanes runs along the Taipo River and the Tolo Harbour waterfront for an 8 to 10 miles stretch. It’s windy sometimes and especially from December onwards. I also ride a foldable as a commuter between the MTR stations and my home/destinations a few times a week.
We both wear prescription glasses but the wind still get to our eyes, especially to me since I am the Captain at the front, and nearly always leave my eyes feeling dry and hard to focus on mid-distance objects in the following days. With WideEyez deflecting the wind, this is less of a problem.
I didn’t mention the sun or glaze because the sun is not a problem for us as we wear sunglasses if we start in the early afternoon and transition glasses if we start in late afternoon. That’s why we bought clear visors and not the tainted ones to begin with. By the way, so far I haven’t found any vision distortion while using WideEyez.
I would recommend WideEyez to anyone, especially to riders who wear prescription glasses. Before I bought WideEyez, I had thought of buying a helmet that comes with a visor. But stiff prices asides there is still the consideration that it may not fit comfortably with larger eyewear, like my Ray-Ban Seafarer with tainted prescription lenses. WideEyez lets me sidestep that issue.




I wear glasses and I ride my bike almost daily. Some days it rains and some days it snows. WideEyez has allowed me to continue to ride my bike, with my glasses on, without the rain or snow splattering my glasses. I have fenders for my tires, now I have a fender for my eyes! It was easy to install on my helmet and when the raindrops or snowflakes start falling I can be confident I'll be able to see.

Denver, CO






My Eyez are Double Wide: Bronze and Clear make the perfect duo

I was intrigued by Wide Eyez as soon as saw the product. It wasn’t until last fall, however, that I picked up my first pair. Now I don’t know how I biked without them! It is so convenient to have a visor built right into my helmet, especially with both the clear and bronze versions.

At first, I just bought the clear version, figuring that it would be more practical since you could ride at night too, which I do quite often. It was wonderful for almost everything: blocking wind, bugs, and snow from flying into my face (as anyone knows who’s ridden while it’s snowing before, your eyes start blinking involuntarily which is by far one of the most frustrating experiences ever). However, the clear was lacking in one critical area: Sun protection.

I soon bought a second visor from Graham, this time in the bronze color. I wanted a way to have both visors on me at all times so that when I was riding during a condition change I could easily switch between the two. I came up with the solution of adding a second set of mounting hardware on my helmet and attaching the second lens on the rear. Yes, it may look a bit strange, but it is definitely very functional!

Overall I am very pleased with Wide Eyez, especially with the choice both versions on hand (or should I say on head?). The visor gives a full view of the upcoming terrain while efficiently minimizing the eye hazards normally associated with a bike ride, and conveniently flips up out of the way when you reach your destination (or when you stop to eat a bagel during the Bike to Work day). Plus it feels super badass to hop off your bike and casually flip up the visor, nodding like a boss to your friends who stare at you in awe with their Eyez Wide ;)


Cooper Hansen
Boulder, CO





Wide Eyez solved my problem of my eyes tearing up in the cold and wind. They fit right over my glasses and my eyes stay perfectly dry and comfortable. I like the added protection they provide, and I’ll probably continue using them in the summer (I got the dual pack). I totally recommend them!





I promise, once you mount your Wide-Eyez, and take your first ride, you'll completely appreciate the view, and additional protection.
Top 5 reasons to treat yourself to Wide-Eyez lenses, or gift a friend who bikes:
-      I now wear my helmet 100% of the time.
-      No hassles wearing prescription glasses.
-      Surprisingly excellent comfort, and protection during 50-65 mph wind-rain-sandy debris storm.  
-      Protects my face during chilly fall & crisp winter rides.
-      Wide-Eyez is affordable, assembly is simple, the pivoting clear, or tinted shields switch easily for night, or day.  Honest, I can’t think of one complaint for this product.  

Marty D.
Steamboat Springs, CO


I like Wide Eyez because they create a safe feeling through urban paths and streets. The sunglass shield spanning my helmet cuts the shiny-ness out of my visual picture. Wide Eyez combined with my helmet feels like safety within the enclosure.


Boulder, CO


Great! No more fogged up and frozen bike glasses! I like the quality of the Wideeyez shields - the shield isn't a flimsy bit of plastic - it's similar to a motorcycle visor. The shield attachments are great too - a bit like Velcro but much stronger. You can press the shield side pads on at different angles to position the shield exactly where you want it on the helmet. Highly recommended!

Campbell, Finland



Wide-EyeZ: “So flippin’ cool!

After living in Vancouver for the past 36 years on the West Coast of Canada in the “Pacific Northwest Rain Forest” spending most of our free time sailing and fly fishing where in either activity one can find a variety of accessories (“bits and pieces”) most of which are of little “real world practical value”, its refreshing to find an accessory that actually works for a given activity.

This past summer my wife and I invested in two Brompton M6L folding bicycles (a very unique British invention) and stared riding the many “bike paths” in and around Vancouver.  Being sailors and river fly fishers we are both extremenly safety conscience and here in Vancouver; helmets, lights and bells are mandatory.  I ride with a GIRO helmet and my wife uses a POC, both with removal brims.

During one of our rides around Vancouver's Stanley Park, I was hit in the forehead by one of our local bumblebees right above my sunglasses and below the brim of my helmet.  Fortunately, I was left with only a bit of “bug” on my forehead though it definitely brought my ride to an unanticipated stop and certainly could have been far more troublesome.  A few weeks later as my wife and I rode around False Creek we passed a chap cutting grass with a “Weed Eater.”  My wife usually rides ahead of me and we both assumed that we were far enough away from the greens keeper so not to be too concerned about what he was doing. 

Without warning, my wife suddenly veered off the bike path and came to an abrupt halt. It seems the “Weed Eater” had thrown up a cloud of gravel and dirt and a small rock hit her in the corner of her left eye.  She was not wearing her sunglasses at the time and if the rock would have struck her a fraction of an inch to the left it could have caused a catastrophic injury. This was the second time we were struck with flying objects while riding. It was clear that we needed to find a better way to ride; we were not about ready to give up riding our new Bromptons.

I started doing some research and contacted the local bike shops in and around Vancouver.  Nearly everyone I spoke with regarding flying objects while riding their bikes had had similar experiences; some more serious than others, all dangerous nonetheless.  Bugs, passing cars throwing out a rock from a tire, or even other bikes passing on a gravel bike path could turn a beautiful afternoon ride into a serious accident.

Unfortunately, there was little help from the bike shops; most suggested large sunglasses or even goggles (a little difficult to use when you normally wear prescription eyeglasses) and one shop even suggested a motor scooter helmet with a face shield which was considerably more cumbersome than our present bike helmets.  It was getting a little frustrating trying to find a solution.  Safety while sailing was not a problem, even fly fishing in fast moving rivers was not a problem; finding something while out for a casual bike ride was becoming a problem; so I turned to the Internet.

After a little research for a visor, or face shield I found “Wide-Eyez”, (www.wideeyez.com) a company based in Boulder Colorado and run by Graham Hill with a reasonably priced product ($39.95-$59.95US) compared to some of the sunglasses that the bike shops had suggested. 

The concept is brilliant, an acrylic plastic shield for our existing helmets. You simply remove the removable brim from your helmet (if you have one), affix the unique “double lock” Velcro patches to your helmet; snap on matching brackets, fit a couple of plastic washers and a couple of special screws to hold on one of two types of acrylic face shields (clear for those cloudy or rainy days, and bronze for those bright sunny days) and off you go, or as the website says, “So flippin’ cool!” and they do flip up too.

There was no question it was a deal! I immediately ordered online two complete sets of Wide-Eyez and within a week or so they were on my desk.  The assembly was a “snap”, a few minutes to line them up on our helmets and they were ready for our first ride.

We’ve used the bronze shields a bit more than the clear shields during our exceptional Vancouver summer this year (it usually rains 265 days a year here), and the clear shields work great over regular or sunglasses.  If you want you can put a little “RAINX” (www.rainx.com) on either shield for those unexpected wet days.  I would also assume, though the need has not arisen, mild scratches can be dealt with using Mequiars “Plastx” (www.meguiars.com/en/automotive/products/g12310-plastx-clear-plastic-cleaner-polish/ an awesome product which I have used on acrylic windows on our sailboat.

On a final note, no one product can totally protect you from some of the unexpected hazards while riding your bike, or for that matter doing any activity. However, for the most part Wide-Eyez certainly can help protect you from those smaller objects.  If they protect you from even one nasty experience, be it a bug or a small rock, they are well worth the time and expense. Again, they are, “So flippin’ cool!


All the very best.

Chad Steward,

Vancouver BC


I do a lot of mountain and trail biking and wear the WideEyez nearly 100% of the time. It helps keep my eyes from drying out and fits over my prescription glasses. It's also great for riding after work--around dusk--because it helps keep bugs out of my face. My biking club has gotten caught in heavy downpours a couple of times and I've fared better than by buddies who don't have a WideEyez.

Thanks for the great product!


Boulder, CO


WIDE-EYEZ on a Vintage Vetta

A combination of old and new has energized my biking--I easily attached my new WIDE-EYEZ to a vintage Vetta helmet I bought in the 1980s. I love the look and feel of my classic helmet with the modern WIDE-EYEZ shield. I do a lot of biking by the Ventura River and there's always gnats and other flying critters and my WIDE-EYEZ makes me impervious to those fluttering aggravations. I use the WIDE-EYEZ SOLAR BRONZE SHIELD and that means I don't have to wear sunglasses--which makes my biking more comfortable!

Doug Thompson
Ventura, California


We love your WideEyez shields because they give great visibility and added safety of eye protection. My wife used to have a problem with her sunglasses hurting her due to helmet straps. The fact that you have the colored shield eliminates that problem. We are using them about 150 miles a month of riding. Thank you for making these and I hope the bike community catches on soon I promote you when ever I get the chance

San Jose, CA


I became interested in the WideEyez because I ride year round in Eugene, Oregon and rain is the big factor you need to cope with around here. I have really enjoyed these “Shields” because previously I would ride with sunglasses or nothing and the rain makes for a precarious ride sometimes.

The WideEyez work well to protect your vision from the rain, but I also experimented with putting Rain X on the outside lens and it even improved from there. Bravo WideEyez!

Eugene, OR



Love your product.
Having a fused c6-7 vertebrae I don't wear sunglasses while I ride because the upper part of the glasses frame impedes my view. This is what I have been looking for since getting back on the bike almost one year ago.
Well done sir!

Kindest regards
Bill Crossey
Wellington Florida




I love riding with my Wideeyse especially when it is cold or the speed
from my electric bike would make my eyes tear up.

Wide-Eyez solves all my bike riding vision  issues.

Fort Collins, Colorado



I have always thought bike helmets should have the same look and functionality as motorcycle helmets and now they can! WideEyez cuts down on the sun and are great for rain or snow. I used to carry clear motorcycle glasses with me in case it rained but now I don't have to. The WideEyez are always there. I like that the tinted lens is clear enough that it works at night as well. Plus they look great on urban helmets!

Boulder, CO


I ride a 2011 Giant Seek 2 and am just starting to incorporate bicycle commuting with my normal motorcycle commuting.  I wear a Bell Faction BMX/skate helmet (size large) that does not have a visor.  I don't care for the style of most road helmets and some MTB helmets, and bought my Bell Faction before seeing some of the urban style helmets with visors (e.g., Bern).  Unfortunately, the sun and glare comes through the gap between my helmet brim and my prescription sunglasses.  I didn’t want to purchase a new helmet, so I searched for after-market visors to mount on my helmet, but didn’t find anything I would have considered purchasing.
I came across helmets with tinted shields, so I started looking for an after-market shield to mount on my helmet thinking that this might be a viable solution.  There seemed to limited choices available online.  Besides Wide-Eyez, I only saw one other company that currently offers a similar product, but it lacks pivot brackets.  I became interested in purchasing the Wide-Eyez solar bronze shield, but I needed help in selecting the appropriate size, so I contacted Graham at Wide-Eyez.  Graham provided quick and practical feedback.  Based on his advice, I ordered a Tour version of the solar bronze shield.  I understand that I could have purchased another inexpensive helmet with a brim, but I liked the versatility that the bronze shield offered (mentioned more below).
Mounting was simple (using the adhesive strips that come with the shield), and only took a couple of minutes.  The bronze shield eliminates sun and/or glare from hitting my eyes that would otherwise come through if I were just wearing my helmet and sunglasses.  The shield seems to block a fair amount of air when going downhill at speed.
I have a prescription and it is not always convenient to have to carry two sets of glasses (i.e., regular and tinted), and I don't care for transition lenses; the bronze shield makes things more convenient.  For example, I can use regular glasses during early morning and evening with the shield up when it's dark, and still use regular glasses with the shield down when it's sunny.
I think the bronze shield looks nice.  My helmet doesn’t quite resemble a Giro Air Attack, Casco Warp or SPEEDairo, but it doesn’t cost as much either.  Anyway, I like the functionality of the shield and the options that the bronze shield gives me.  Lastly, I appreciate the customer service provided by Graham.

Tony D.
Southern CA